Uunisepat Rokki

  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Dark chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • Grey plaster
  • Dark gray plaster
  • White plaster
  • Volcanic plaster
  • Cocoa-colored marble slab
  • Cream Marfil marble slab
  • Marble slab Emperadoro
  • Marble slab Carrina
  • Piatra marble slab
  • Shimmer marble tiles
  • Aurora marble slab
  • Concrete-colored marble slab
  • Marble slab Galaxy
  • Marble slab Nero
  • White-colored marble slab
  • Marble slab Urban
  • Marble slab of snow-white
  • White glass
  • Black glass

Quick Overview

Finland produced furnace Uunisepat Rokki be perfect choice for sophisticated home decoration. The furnace is a classic style with a modern intertwined, and what gives sophistication.

More details

Stylish stove is manufactured in Finland Uunisepat Rokki home creates a cozy atmosphere, warmth and comfort. Due to the large range of optional colors and surface materials, furnace suit any interior and will bring together the entire family on cold winter days. Furnace Uunisepat Rokki distinguished because of their appearance, which is determined by the color of selected glass.

  • Utility: 83%
  • Weight (kg): 1250
  • Height: 1540 mm
  • Width: 870 mm
  • Depth: 590 mm
  • The country of origin: Finland

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