GlammFire Mito III

Quick Overview

GlammFire biožidinys Mito III - rudos spalvos plieno priekiu ir poliruoto nerūdijančio plieno šonais. Įkvėptas tyros geometrinės idėjos, Mito vilioja tobulos konstrukcijos ypatybėmis.

More details

Presenting a pure geometrical inspiration, Mito seduces by the perfect design of its features. The sophisticated connection between horizontality and perpendicularity is revealed in the design of this magnificent wall mounted model. The spaces become more inviting. Make your restaurant a true myth.

  • Galingumas (kW): 9
  • Weight (kg): 116
  • Biokuro talpa: 6 l
  • Height: 650 mm
  • Width: 1520 mm
  • Depth: 330 mm
  • The country of origin: Portugalija

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